I’ve been with my partner for a few months now, but lolita had never really come up until recently.

I wanted to go to a meetup, so a week or so ahead of time I told him I’d be going to visit some friends that day. He asked if he could come because he wanted to meet my friends. Of course, I said yes. I didn’t explain to him that I was going to a meetup, I didn’t even mention lolita fashion. I told him nothing.

On the day of the meetup I was getting ready in the bedroom, and all of a sudden my partner walks into the room whilst I’m putting on my petticoats. He just sort of starred at me like I was crazy. I had him sit down on the bed, and while I finished getting dressed I explained lolita fashion to him, and what we’d be doing that day. He was totally cool with it. When I was ready to go he told me I looked ‘absolutely stunning.’

We spent the whole day at the meetup, and towards the end I asked him if he was bothered I dragged him along. He told me that he was having a blast, and that he had no reason to complain because he ‘got to hang out with a bunch of really cool girls who’re wearing beautiful dresses.’

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The first meetup I ever went to I was looking for my friend but it took me forever to find her because I didn’t recognize her with her wig and makeup on

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After my first meet with my local community, we went to the mall to hang out and shop. It was 4/13, the anniversary of Homestuck’s starting date, and we ran into a couple of cosplayers! They were as excited to see us as we were them, and everyone took pictures of everyone else. It was really cute and the whole meetup was lots of fun! I can’t wait to go to more. The community here is the best. <3

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For a day some of our art classes got to go visit an art gallery. When looking at one of the pieces the artist that made it came up to me and said “You’re a piece of artwork yourself!” It made me laugh the artist was really nice it was fun to talk to her.

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Submit your lolita moments <3

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Just a few days ago I went on a fabulous frilly adventure with a friend for her birthday! We had so much fun! Got many compliments, and as we were taking photos, someone even offered to take a photo of us so we could get one together!

To make the day even better, afterwards I was walking to the grocery store, we were stopped by a couple of hobos who wanted to know what I was wearing. I told him it was a street fashion based on Victorian and French clothing. He says, “oh! I thought it was some kind of formal heratige clothing!” So I told him I’m actually part French, whether he gets excited and yells at me “GET DOWN WITH YOUR BAD ANSESTORY!”

I’m pretty sure he was on drugs, but regardless it was the icing on the cake to an amazing day! (And now me and my boyfriend laugh yelling out new catch phrase at each other xD)

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To be a lolita, you needn’t be anything other than who you are.


  • You don’t need to be a certain race.
  • You don’t need to be thin (or curvy, or fat, or busty, or flat chested).
  • There is no “Age Cutoff” for Lolita, a lady (whether she has the biological parts or not) should learn what is and is not appropriate for her age and what suits her best.
  • You certainly don’t need to be rich.
  • You don’t need to wear brand.

Just be yourself, wear what you like, but please try to stick to the basic guidelines of the fashion. 

  • Wear a petticoat.  
  • As long as your shoes match the outfit, you’re fine. Stay away from slender heeled shoes, though. 
  • Black x White was the original Lolita colour combination. Don’t be ashamed to wear it if you like it, and if anyone says otherwise, show them the original Gothic & Lolita bibles. Trends change, and it may be less popular, but it’s acceptable.
  • You don’t have to agree with anyone else about what IS or IS NOT lolita, but you probably shouldn’t wear cat ears. 
  • Cheap lace is NEVER good. If you decide to wear a “Lace monster”, at least make sure it’s a decent quality lace. 

If you like it, feel beautiful in it, and can rock the hell out of a look—-DO IT. 

…and if you MUST criticize someone else’s outfit or personality, be polite about it and don’t make a scene. There’s no need for that. 

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My friend Sierra and I were on a bus on the way to a meetup, she was in sweet lolita, and I was in a classic co-ord inspired by Marie Antoinette.

We had been on the bus for over an hour, when this really good looking punk got on the bus. I wanted to talk to him so bad, and Sierra kept telling me I should give him my number, but I was too scared. I kept telling myself he’d think my outfit was silly, or he’d think I’m weird, or something. I just couldn’t bring myself to go talk to him.

The moment he got off the bus I regretted not talking to him, and I still totally regret it.

I know I shouldn’t assume people will judge me because of the way I dress, but I always end up doing it anyways. T _ T

The moral of the story is don’t be so afraid that people will judge you that you don’t try getting to know them, just go and talk to them! You won’t know how they’ll react until you get to know them!

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Probably my favorite time wearing Lolita was at school~ I was talking to one of my art teachers and when I was about to go off to my other class she stopped me asking what style of clothing I was wearing. Of course I gave her the short little history of where it was from and what it was designed after.
Most people in my school make fun of others for being different and wearing clothes that aren’t from Old Navy (not saying old navy is bad just the typical cliché style that’s here…)
But after I explained to her she gave the usual “Oh” answer but it’s what she said next was what made me happy…
"The style is really interesting and cute I know people here in this town look down on others for dressing different…I know I definitely wouldn’t have the guts to do it but I’m really glad someone does."

It makes me feel happy and confident thinking back on it I’m not afraid to wear Lolita to school anymore

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One evening a few weeks ago my boyfriend came to pick me up from a tea party and we were walking to sell a few of my videogames in a “bad” part of the city. As we were crossing the street, a guy seemingly in his 20s shouted “You have a real princess there man!” You could tell he was high off his ass, but still felt like a compliment to me xD

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